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The modern designs as well as the techniques of crafting jewellery for women and men are inspired by the designs of ancient and traditional ornaments that have evolved in the last thousand years. The touches of traditional style were infused with modernity to make them relevant and keep pace with the times.

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A platform specialized in promoting, marketing and selling products that reflect heritage, local, regional and global community cultures by promoting trade exchange with the aim of achieving sustainability.

Omade is concerned with developing the products of small industries to suit the nature of modernity and the needs of the markets, in addition to the constant work to support and enhance the culture of development and innovation for the owners of these industries.

Omade Vendors

The wonderful products in Omade are the work of innovators, creators and craftsmen from the local community with its various geographical distributions. Under the umbrella of Omade, various categories of job seekers, associations and civil society institutions, rural men and women, productive families, people with disabilities and home businesses. In addition to small and medium companies, craft institutions and others.

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