AL HUSN Al Sharq Gift Set

522.005 $

  • OMR: 200.450 OMR
  • SAR: 1,952.264  SAR
  • QAR: 1,898.863  QAR
  • BHD: 195.739  BHD
  • KWD: 161.450  KWD
  • EUR: 496.074 €
  • AED: 1,915.901  AED

Al Sharq Perfume (e 50ml), Dehn Al Luban (e 7.5ml), and a bag of Al Hojari Frankincense resins.

an exclusive gift set brought to you by Al-Hosn Perfumes. This gift box consists of Al Sharq Perfume, and Frankincense Oil (e 7.5ml).

1) Perfume Al Sharq – This perfume is a wonderful blend of amber and oud. It is a unisex fragrance. The beautiful scent of amber as the base notes is blended with a strong woody scent of cedarwood and agarwood as the heart and top notes. This perfume gives you a warm and exotic scent. Pamper yourself in a fragrance of luxury and luxury with the perfume of the East.

2) Frankincense oil is concentrated essential oil extracted from frankincense resins. Al hojary frankincense resins come from the Boswellia Sacra Tree.

This perfume box is the perfect gift box for the one you love and would like to surprise with love and luxury.

Additional information

Weight 1.500 kg
Dimensions 31.5 × 13 × 6 cm


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