Latafa Organic Avocado Oil 50ml

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A 100% pure vegan oil, extracted from the pulp of the Avocado, enriched with fatty acids, vitamin A and E that has numerous benefits and promotes healthy skin.

Avocado oil is full of healthy fatty acids, and antioxidants and is a great source of vitamin A and E, that aid in healing wounds and scars. Its skin regenerating properties help the growth of healthy skin cells that in return give you healthy and youthful skin.

This oil has strong anti-aging properties and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Regular use of avocado oil protects the skin from harmful UV rays and pollution.

Also used as a natural moisturizer in many skin products, the avocado oil hydrates and moisturizes the skin, giving you glowing and healthy skin.

Size-50ml e.

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