Al Sidr Powder 200g

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  • OMR: 4.095 OMR
  • SAR: 39.883  SAR
  • QAR: 38.792  QAR
  • BHD: 4.000  BHD
  • KWD: 3.298  KWD
  • EUR: 9.851 €
  • AED: 39.140  AED

An authentic 100% natural powder from the Al Sidr Tree which is native to Oman and known to have innumerable healing and health benefits. These trees are found in abundance in the GCC, particularly southern Oman where they can survive the warm and dry weather conditions. This unique product can us be used for skin beautifying and healing purposes, as the Sidr powder is rich in essentials vitamins, minerals and salts which are important for the skin and body.

The many benefits of Sidr powder are – cleanses and detoxifies dead skin cells and dirt, nourishes the skin, improves the health of the skin, giving it a fresh, soft and youthful appearance, tightens skin pore, reduces the secretion of excess oils, balances skin tone and reduces signs of ageing such as fine lines and wrinkles.
The medicinal properties of Sidr powder helps with skin allergies, treats skin problems such as rashes, acnes, scabies and pimple breakouts.

This exclusive product can be used in so many different ways, by mixing it with water, yogurt, rose water, etc. to make natural beauty products such as face and body masks and scrubs, hair masks and oils.

Size – 200gm.

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Weight0.250 kg
Dimensions15 × 8 × 23 cm