Rosemary Oil 150ml

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Rosemary oil extracted from the evergreen shrub that has needle-like leaves and a woody aroma. This is 100% pure vegan oil, formulated using organic and natural rosemary extracts that are locally harvested by Omani farmers, using authentic farming methods and is beneficial for all hair and skin types.

Rosemary oil has been one of the most popular aromatic and medicinal plants throughout history and is used for various skin, hair, and body remedies. It helps to prevent certain types of hair loss symptoms like male pattern baldness and patchy hair loss. It helps to stimulate hair growth by nourishing hair follicles.
For the skin, Rosemary oil helps to fight acne and pimple-causing bacteria. It helps to firm and tone the skin and reduces signs of aging. Its anti-inflammatory elements aid in reducing pain and swelling.
Also used in Aromatherapy, the woody earthy aroma of Rosemary oil is a general favorite for homes. Inhaling rosemary oil has many psychological benefits such as reducing stress and anxiety by lowering the levels of cortisol. It also helps you to focus and remember information. The refreshing fragrance of help to relax and soothe the mind and body.
Size – 150ml

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